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Moni AroraWho is Moni Arora?

After leaving college Moni Arora had one job and he soon discovered he didn’t like working for someone and not having control of his life. So, he left the job and contemplated what he really wanted.

Moni Arora wanted someone to pay him to travel the World so he joined British Airways as Cabin Crew for 5 years. He was blessed to be able to travel the world and get paid at the same time.

After leaving British Airways Moni decided it was time to start his own business.

Business had always been in his blood so he started to import sports shoes made under his own brand from Italy.

He made good money however the challenges of dealing with the Italian manufacturers was to much and he decided to change his business.

He turned to finding empty premises and setting up convenience stores, building up the business and then selling the business.

Then it was time for him to get into property so he started buying properties to renovate and sell. This proved to be a profitable venture for Moni.

With all the businesses he set up he made good money however while he was making good money…. he had no lifestyle. In fact the more money he made the less time he had, it was like “Golden Handcuffs” for him.

Moni Arora was happily married for 13 years and is blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. Sadly, however working so hard in his businesses took its toll and he got divorced. Like a lot of other entrepreneurs he was focusing too much on the business and ignoring the family life! He had no balance in his life.

In his heart he felt there had to be a better way where he could earn unlimited income based on his efforts and have time freedom giving him total control of his life.

It was at this time he was introduced to the concept of building a Global Home Business. He loved the concept and spent the next 15 years working with 3 Direct Sales companies, learning and getting frustrated the way Network Marketing was being taught. You know making a list of family and friend and basically talking to everyone that came within 3 feet of you.

He didn’t enjoy this way of doing business and he felt there had to be a better way. So, he turned to the Internet and came across the Attraction Marketing Formula. Now here was a way to recruit without chasing people and in fact people started becoming attracted to him and asking how they can join his business. For Moni business became fun again! 🙂

Now that he has discovered the secret to making money on the internet using social media, he loves sharing it with his friends.

This has taken him out of retirement to help as many people as he can to get more leads and get more customers so they too can enjoy the lifestyle they deserve!