(Please enjoy this guest blog post from my friend and mentor Ferny Ceballos)

Watch the video below as Lisa Grossman—my good friend, mentor, and 7-figure network marketing annual producer—shares with you the truth about how long it should actuallytake you to start earning a profit in your home business…

…and it’s a lot shorter than you may think!

As Lisa reveals, there’s a number ‘thrown around’ by Malcolm Gladwell, which states that it takes about 10,000 hours of work to gain mastery of a certain skill set or venture.

And while that may be true, it’s a bit misleading.

So how long should it take you to have your first “big win” in your business?

Watch this clip from last year’s No Excuses Summit with Lisa Grossman to find out!

To learn more, click here for my 100% Free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, where I’ll share with you what specific actions you need to take next to turn what you’ve just learned into a reality in your business…

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