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One of my absolute favorite all-time quotes is…

“Success occurs in the lives of specific people for specific reasons. Success is not something that randomly happens to you, it is something that you make happen. There’s no magic. It is not complex. If you will invest the time to find out what other people have done to be successful, and then begin doing the same things, you too, in due season, will achieve similar results.”

Tommy Newberry

Isn’t that powerful?

I’d read that again and again. Because these words contain the magic recipe for success.

My shorter version of that is – “Find out what other people who have what you want have done to get there, and copy them.”

Now there are a number of things successful people do to get to where they are.

But it all starts with deciding exactly what it is they want.

The other day I had conversation at a big family party, about raising kids in today’s environment. And somehow the conversation turned to education. It always does.

“The key is to get your kids to excel in school so they can go to ______ University. You fill in the blank for whatever it is in your area. Here, it’s University Of Michigan. If your kid gets accepted to U of M, they’re a success.

I love having these conversations, because I always throw a monkey wrench in the gears. By saying something like – “Well I know people who have graduated from this school and years later they still work as a waiter, a bartender, and some can’t get a job at all.”

It is unfortunate, but these well-meaning parents don’t realize that the key is not getting accepted into a certain school, although that is an accomplishment, but that’s NOT what is going to make someone financially successful.

It’s knowing what they want, and having enough desire, ambition and persistence to go after that one thing until they get it.

THAT is the key.

Making mistakes along the way, and understanding that they are simply learning experiences. They are necessary stepping stones on your way to success.

And the reason most people give up, is simply because they have never decided on what it is they want and made the commitment to go after it.

So let me ask you a question…

Do you know what you want?

Have you decided what you’re going after?

Have you made a list of things you want to accomplish in your life?

Now I know it sounds kind of simplistic.

The whole “make a goal, write it down” thing.

But here’s what I find interesting.

When I’m energized I perform a lot better than when I’m not.

When I’m inspired, things just flow for me.

I feel confident. I feel almost unstoppable.

My creativity and productivity is at full gear.

I can easily “burn the midnight oil” and get much more done, quickly and efficiently 00ptlru.


When I’m not at this peak state, everything’s an uphill battle. I have to force myself to do stuff. I have to keep myself from falling asleep. And feel little to no inspiration to do much.

Ever feel this way?

We all do.

Now here’s the interesting part.

Whenever I start making a list of the things I want to have or achieve, my energy levels SOAR.

Which means I can work myself into a red-hot state where I’m bursting with energy anytime I want to.

All I need to do is grab a sheet of paper and start making a list.

Now, ironically, when I dig up my old lists, from years ago, a lot of the stuff (not all of it BY FAR), but a lot I can cross off.

I don’t know exactly how this happens, but this stuff works.

So here’s my challenge to you.

Get a sheet of paper out. And start writing down everything you want to have.

Not a Word Doc. Don’t be lazy, actually write it out by hand. It’s a LOT more effective from a neurological standpoint.

Do it for a few minutes and you’ll be SHOCKED at the new energy levels you have to do the things you need to do.

Works every time for me.

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