In this blog post we will cover how to optimize Facebook ads to increase conversions to your site through 4 optimization strategies.

How to Optimize Facebook Ads

Creating Facebook ad campaigns requires a lot of optimizations, tests and patience.

Testing will assist you in determining the changes that are required to be made to your ad campaign and this will lead to better results from your Facebook ads.


Utilizing lookalike audience is a great strategy to generate massive traffic to your site and build a massive list of customers.

To refine your lookalike audience, you need to test your ads using different selection of “interests” when you are building your ad.

Once you have found the right set of lookalike audience and interest, it will help in reducing the cost per conversion.


The next strategy is breaking down your audience into various categories instead of defining it as a single entity. This will allow you to design and communicate specific messages to your various audiences. Through this approach, you can potentially increase your audience engagement and improve conversions from each audience category.


This approach will allow you to effectively target each audience with specific messaging instead of running a single ad campaign for both platforms.

To determine which ad campaigns work better, you will need to run a split test. Two different ad campaigns mean both are targeted to different audiences to avoid any similarities in the result. You do not need a massive ad spend budget to cover a split test. Just put up your standard Facebook ads budget and split between 2 different ads campaign.


Another approach you can do is to expand the age gap of your target audience. For example, I am putting up an ad targeting tech-savvy users and most advertisers will pick an age range of 18-44. By increasing the age gap, you will be lowering the cost per conversion.

Remember to test your ads, track its performance and stop those that are not performing. Keep what is working and scale when you find the right formula. Good luck!

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