Struggling Network Marketers here are some tips for you to help you grow your business faster.

If you are in Network Marketing or you have tried MLM in the past then you know that it can be very tough to get started, to stay motivated and to put in the effort that is required to make serious income.

Hopefully the tips in this article will not only help you get started but also to stay motivated as you build your business to achieve your goals.

When Speaking With Prospects Don’t use Network Marketing Jargon

When talking to new prospects just remember they have not yet joined your company and may not understand your company jargon and lingo which you are probably comfortable with, so speak in plain English. If you start using language they are not familiar with chances are you will repel them as they don’t understand and you lose a new recruit. So Golden Rule, keep it simple!

How To Speak With Your Network Marketing Prospectsrelationship-marketing

Firstly, it is important to understand that Network Marketing is Relationship Marketing. It’s all about the relationships you create with your new prospects and others in your network.

It’s about building a level of trust, and the better relationships you build with prospects and your team the more loyal they will be and the harder they will work, which will translate into more money for you!

So, make everything about them (the prospect) and not about you. Ask questions and understand their pain, understand what they want. Only by asking questions will you truly understand if you have the solution with your company for their needs.

Accept the fact that not everyone you speak with is going to be right business partner for your business. Don’t be too eager to sign up anybody and everybody.

Another very important point to consider and understand when it comes to network marketing is that people want to be around a leader.

People don’t join a company they join YOU. Develop and show strong leadership skills and people will be happy to join you in your Network Marketing business and help you towards your goals.

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Here is my simple formula for prospecting and sponsoring new team members.

  1. Once you have identified a prospect who is interested to hear about your business. Ask lots of questions to understand what their hopes and dreams are, currently where they are in their life and will their current path help them get to where they want to get to. Don’t make it an interrogation, make it a friendly conversation.
  1. Having identified their needs and if you feel you and your company can help them achieve their goals direct them to your company’s presentation. You may be the best presenter around however if you spend one hour explaining everything to them at the back of their mind they may be thinking, “I can’t do this”.You want them to go through the process so they too understand they can easily direct their prospects to the company presentations and they will not need to spend hours presenting to them.

    These days most Network Marketing companies use videos, online presentations, webinars etc to present the information. Get out of the way of the information and direct them to your company presentations so they can see how easy the whole process is when they start prospecting to grow their business.Your upline leaders may have set up online marketing systems to help you grow your business faster, check them out and if useful then use them for prospecting.
  1. Once they have seen the presentation resist the temptation to start explaining everything under the sun about your company. Ask them what they found interesting and help them by answering any questions they may have.After answering their questions you can simply ask, “Do you see an opportunity here for you?” and if the answer is YES then the next logical question is, “Are you ready to get started?”

The MORE SIMPLE you can make the information gathering process for new recruits the more likely it is they will start to think, “I can do this”.

I would also advise introducing the new prospects to your upline and other team members as quickly as possible. Work as a team and watch your business grow and along with it watch your income grow.

Network Marketing is your best option in today’s economy to achieve your dream lifestyle. Stick with it and take action DAILY to move you business forward towards the abundance lifestyle you deserve.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you and serve you.

‘Til next time.


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