If you want to have success in Network Marketing then you need to understand one of the most critical fundamentals that “People don’t join a company, they join YOU!

Your job as a Network Marketer should be to help people and not sell them on your “Best in the World” product.

To have success in Network Marketing I am sure you also learnt that if you get some people in your team and they also do the same over an extended period of time then you have the formula for success and financial independence.

Network Marketing’s top income earners teach the following 4 rules, and for those that follow these 4 rules they see amazing growth in their business.

4 Basic Rules For Success in Network Marketing

Rule No: 1
By nature many people are skeptical so when you are presenting to your prospect you MUST detach yourself from the outcome of the presentation. Your job is to go in with the mindset of education and understanding. Keep this thought process of education and understanding in your mind and your business will grow.

If you want to keep everything simple for you then disconnect your emotions from the outcome and just concentrate on education and understanding. Truth is you probably have no idea what their circumstances are so by understanding it is easier to accept the outcome without emotion.

If, however your main focus is to get a customer or distributor then you are likely to be disappointed and your prospect will run in the opposite direction..

TIP: Act like a consultant who is there to solve people’s problems. You will have much more fun and enjoy the experience if you focus on education and understanding and offer solutions to their problems.

Rule No: 2
Always Be Yourself. Because an original you is worth more than a copy!

When people invite prospects to hear about their business opportunity they somehow become a different person which has an adverse effect and can make prospects feel uncomfortable.

Be yourself, be the person they know and work on yourself to become the best you can become.

Rule No: 3
Be passionate about what you do and be enthusiastic, enthusiasm can be contagious, people always love to be around positive, enthusiastic people.

Having said that be careful with your enthusiasm, don’t go overboard and don’t use hype as that may have the effect of scaring people away.

Being enthusiastic and a little fired up is perfectly ok when speaking to people, I have even seen people sign up in the business due to the presenters enthusiasm.

When you are speaking with someone on the phone your tone of voice and the words you use become your story so here your enthusiasm will be useful in getting your message across to the other person.

TIP: If you want better results when speaking with someone on the phone SMILE when you pick up the phone. Smiling helps your voice to sound more friendly and gives you positive emotions which in turn give you better results. I suggest having a mirror near your telephone to remind yourself to smile when you are on the phone.

Rule No: 4
Have a Strong Unshakable Posture: When you come across people who are negative about the network marketing industry and opportunity, having a strong posture means you will not be discouraged or affected. Having a strong posture goes hand in hand with rule number 1 of being emotional detached from the outcome of the presentation.

Become a professional network marketer by being strong, confident and bold with your message and don’t apologize or defend your opportunity or position. Follow the 4 simple rules and you will have success in network marketing business.

Finally let’s recap:
1. Detach yourself from the outcome
2. Be Yourself
3. Have enthusiasm and passion for what you do
4. Have a strong posture

Follow these 4 rules for success in network marketing. Work on any areas that you feel you need to improve on and then keep on practicing until you feel comfortable and strong in that area.

“Successful people don’t fear failure but understand that its necessary to learn and grow from”. – Robert Kiyosaki

‘Til next time.

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