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Is there anything more important than taking ACTION and working hard?

I believe so.

We always talk about taking action and “doing it” as a prerequisite to success. And it is. But I think it’s equally important to focus on something else and not just blindly do the grunt work.

And that is being RESULTS oriented.

If working hard was “the answer” then we’d have a lot more successful people in the world. You know there are people who work pretty hard. I think even much harder than you and I.

That’s not issue. Of course you have to take action and do the work. But unless you’re driven by results, it’s virtually impossible to make it.

You’ll be like the guy in my old business, let’s call him John.

John was told to open the yellow pages and call on accountants and accounting firms to pitch them “the program.”

For days I watched John hammer the phones for hours at a time.

Some said yes, and most said no. And even those who agreed to see John, none of them actually got into “the program.”

But then the next day he’d be at it again, smiling, dialing for dollars, because he knew it was a “numbers game.” Sure, that’s what you’re supposed to believe. It’s all just a numbers game.

So, finally I walked up to John and asked him… “Dude, do you want to build a business or do you want to enroll some accountants into your program?”

He looked puzzled… “Well of course I want to build a business.”

So I said… “I watched you for days now pursue this strategy and it obviously isn’t working. I know it’s a numbers game, but I think you’re more focused on doing the activity (calling accountants), then focusing on results, which is to recruit people, make sales, and make money.”

I think everything you do should focus on RESULTS. At the end of the day you need to measure your progress.

Success doesn’t happen in one day, but if you’ve put in a day’s work, you should have SOME results.

Many people go through the motions, but don’t have anything to show for it.

I know what their problem is. They’re not focusing on results. They’re focusing “doing” something, but not getting results.

It all starts with a very clear picture in your mind of what you’re trying to accomplish. And right now I’m not talking about making Six-Figures and all that.

That’s good for goal-setting and motivating yourself.

But you need to have a DAILY goal you’re shooting for. Not an activity goal but a RESULTS goal.

If you’re not getting any leads right now, then set a goal of getting 5 leads a day.

You can then bump that up. Same for sales and making money.

Can you imagine a store that focuses on getting people into the door, but never acknowledges the fact that the cash-register is empty at the end of the day?

The cash register is the end goal. Not the foot traffic.

Before I went into direct sales full-time, I had a job (my last one) in a carpet retail store.

And EVERY DAY, we had a goal to beat our last year’s numbers for the same day.

The overall goal was to beat the same month last year. But it starts with daily sales. And we would look at it every single day. Because when the VP of sales would pop in the store, go on the computer and see that we’re behind… he would have a very heated discussion with the store manager and then with us.

I hated that job and that whole approach.

However, in almost 3 years I spent there, it taught me to be very focused on growing sales every day.

And when I went full-time in network marketing, I would look every day at my numbers, which were pathetic for the first 12 months. But I looked at them anyway. I hated seeing goose eggs across the board (that’s what my upline would call zeroes.)

But it made me focus on fixing that, instead of celebrating the fact that I made my 10 calls today, passed out some cards, did some face to face prospecting or whatever.

I fully believe you get what you FOCUS on.

If you focus on activity, you’re not necessarily going to get results, and it’ll force you to lose motivation to continue doing it.

If focus on results, your mind will become more creative, you’ll be more inspired to do the activity, and you absolutely WILL get results.

Try it, it works.

‘Til next time

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