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I have a very important question for you. Something to really think about.

If you’re not hitting your goals… if you’re not making the money you’d like to make… and you feel stuck…

WHO is stopping you?

Now, if you’ve read a book or two on self-improvement, the first tendency is to say… ME.

Not quiet so. Yes, it’s true, ultimately it is you, but there’s a deeper issue.

Actually, some of that resistance which you may be experiencing, comes from outside of you.

Now let me ask you this…

How would you like to give yourself the BIGGEST chance to succeed, and blast through this resistance?

I know, that’s kind of a loaded question. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

But let’s take a look at some facts. For most of us, we’ve had years and years and YEARS of negative conditioning forced into our heads. Sometimes even by the closest people to us.

Family. Then school. Then college or your work. And of course the almighty media.

Think about all the negative messages you’ve received over the years, as compared to positive ones. Or I should say, messages which led to forming limiting beliefs about what’s possible, and what you think you can do.

Things like…

Don’t get your hopes up.

You don’t want to make too much money.

Money is the root of all evil.

You don’t want to be greedy.

Business is risky.

Don’t put your money in anything that’s not guaranteed.

You should go to school so you can get a degree and land a good job with benefits.

I can keep going but you get the point. We all have a long list of things that have been told to us (either directly or indirectly) and the worst part, is we often allow these ideas into our heads, and keep them there until they become beliefs.

Now let me ask you…

How likely are you to succeed as an entrepreneur if you have crap like this deeply rooted in your mind?

The answer is… NOT very likely. And the only way to combat this, is to get around other like-minded people. This is not a little thing. I believe more dreams and potential success stories are CRUSHED by this than anything else.

Yes you need to know marketing, sales, and all that. Yes knowing how to generate traffic, convert it to leads, and sales is crucial to your success.

But I’m willing to bet even for some people who KNOW this stuff, there’s still a lot of resistance when it comes to taking action. An inner conflict that’s keeping you paralyzed and feeling stuck, instead of motivated and empowered to just DO IT.

And the absolute best way to get out of this state, and into an empowered one is to get around others who are moving in the direction you want to go.

Chances are, it ain’t gonna be your family, friends, or relatives. Not because they are negative, but because most people simply don’t understand entrepreneurs.

They don’t understand what it’s like to have your livelihood depend on your ability to get up every day, leave your cave, kill something, and drag it back to feed your family.

Not quiet like getting a guaranteed paycheck. Completely forgetting your work over the weekend, until the reality “oh crap how I hate going back to work tomorrow” hits you around 6 o’clock on Sunday night.

No we live in a completely different world. A world that is not understood by “normal” people. I used to fight it, until it finally hit me. Most people, will never EVER understand this. And if I want to keep my sanity, and move forward in my life, I absolutely MUST put myself in a successful environment. Among other people who are driven to succeed, and not just “get by”, like the rest of the world.

For years, I made it a point, every single year to get myself to some big event. To deliberately put myself in an environment conducive to success. Sometimes multiple times a year.

And that’s in addition to constantly reading, watching, and listening to improvement and personal development material.

You know, I have a big backyard. And in the summer I have to water my lawn daily to keep it nice and green. However when it’s scorching hot outside, no matter how much I water and abuse my sprinkler system, the grass still gets very dry and starts losing some of that deep green color.

Then suddenly it rains for a couple of days, and that deep color instantly comes back.

And there’s no amount of water I can dump in my backyard to get the results I would get from even one rainy day. When you lock yourself in a room for a couple of days with a bunch of other motivated and goal oriented entrepreneurs, it’s like a friggin’ thunderstorm. You can’t help but grow and get better.

The saying – “Big decisions are made at big events” is totally true. People really do leave them more empowered and ready to take on the world. Every single person I’ve met, who has achieved any level of success, can trace their tipping point back to an event which triggered something in them. And they’ve never looked back.

So… if 2017 is going to be a breakthrough year for you, you must do everything you can to stack the odds of success in YOUR favor.

‘Til next time

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