Video BloggingVideo blogging is a fun and easy way to earn extra money online. By posting one on your blog or website, you generate more traffic. Once advertisers see this, they will be offering you more advertisements and you will soon see an increase in your profit.

However, you need to post quality video blogs before this can happen. You should prepare and put a lot of thought first in your video content before posting one.

Video Blogging

Beginners usually make a costly mistake by recording anything that pops in their head without planning beforehand. There is a huge chance that this can result into a bad quality video. No one would want to view this and it may put reputations at risks. You can avoid this by simply keeping the following tips in mind when video blogging.

  • Have An Informative And Entertaining Topic – Just like a written blog, your video blog should inform your audience about something that they don’t know yet or about a really interesting topic. This can attract a huge traffic since many people surf the web to learn new things.A “how to” video is a perfect example for this. People are more likely to watch how things are supposed to be done rather than read a step-by-step article. This is only one of the many topics you can do with video blogging. If you are having a hard time in picking the right topic, you can always relate your video content to the blog or website the video will be posted to.
  • Act Naturally – Aside from your topic, you should also look into how you are going to portray information in front of the camera. If you are really stiff or look uncomfortable in the video, your audience wouldn’t take you seriously even if your topic is interesting. Don’t force yourself to act like someone else. Act normally as you can and be yourself. Faking a smile would only make your video uncomfortable to watch. If you are camera shy, then video blogging may not be right for you.
  • Use A Good Camera – A good camera can significantly increase the chances of your video getting viewed. In fact, internet users wouldn’t waste their time in loading a bad quality video.

Remember that the whole purpose of video blogging is to relay your topic to your audience. You won’t be able to do this if people can’t hear or see you well. You don’t have to buy the most expensive ones. Just make sure that your video is clear enough for your viewers to enjoy. If you are not willing to invest in one, you can always borrow from a friend or family member.

Your first tries with video blogging may not be successful ones but don’t let this pull you down. No one can get the hang of it right away. You need to keep on practicing and learn from your past videos. Review them once in a while and identify your mistakes.

Being successful in video blogging takes time and a lot of effort. You won’t be an instant hit overnight so have a little more patience.

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