Viral Video MarketingVideo marketing takes more than informative content. It also needs some entertainment value to it. If it is entertaining enough, then you have a better chance of turning it into viral video marketing.

Viral Video Marketing

There are three basic elements that make viral video marketing possible. These elements are theme, structure and influence. You can utilize this formula to come up with a viral video of your own.

Viral Video Marketing Theme

If you go through the viral videos today, they basically feature any one of the following. One is a witty parody. Two is one that features adorable cuteness. Three is either a wow or ouch moment.

The first category features a witty parody of anything that has recently become popular. This works because of the kind of humor used. It also works because the video can ride on another’s popularity. For the content to be more successful, it should also tackle something current and timely. Strike while the iron is hot.

The second category in viral video marketing refers to the cute and adorable videos. Usually, these are the ones that feature babies and pets doing anything at all. Cuteness is already in their nature. The third category falls under the unbelievable moments that viewers often ask in awe, “did that just happen?” You can use these ideas to come up with your own version of a viral video.

Viral Video Marketing Structure

It is important that you pay careful attention to the video structure. Keep in mind that the viewer’s attention span is short. That means it is not enough to surprise them in the beginning. Otherwise, they may not linger enough for the ending.

What you need to do is keep surprising them all throughout the video. Structure the content in such a way that it takes them to a roller coaster ride. You need to make the effort to earn their interest for the entire duration of the video content. When you successfully do so, you have better chances of coming up with a viral video.

Influence On Viral Video Marketing

Having the necessary support for the video content is also crucial. Your content can certainly benefit from a certain personality’s online reputation or popularity. With the necessary support, your video may get the boost that can make it viral. You also need to take this onto account when creating your video content.

Now, you may think, is this even applicable to your case? It may be easy to dismiss these suggestions if you are especially dealing with a niche that has a more serious tone. No matter how serious your business is, it can use and will actually benefit from fun and humor. Just because you need to be professional does not mean you should be boring.

Your content does not have to be void of personality and character. You actually need these elements for your efforts to pay off. You may also want to review some excellent examples of viral video marketing so you can get creative inspiration.

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