How To Create New PagesHow To Create New Pages

In WordPress you have the choice of writing either posts or Pages. When you’re writing a regular blog entry, you are writing a post. Posts, in a default setup, appear in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home page. However, pages are for content such as “About Us,” “Contact Us,” etc and these pages live outside of the normal blog chronology and are often used to present timeless information about yourself or your site i.e. information that is always applicable. These pages can be used to organize and manage any content.

In addition to the generally required “About Us” and “Contact Us” Pages, other examples of common pages where information is always applicable include Copyright, Disclosure, Legal Information, Reprint Permissions, Company Information, Disclaimers, etc.

Pages are very similar to Posts in that they both have Titles and Content and can use your WordPress Theme templates files to maintain a consistent look throughout your site. Pages, however, have several key distinctions that make them quite different from Posts.

Watch the video and learn how to create new pages.

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