What Is BloggingWhat is blogging? If you often use the internet, it is quite likely that you have already visited blog sites or you may also have created entries at micro-blogging sites or posted comments on other people’s websites.

To answer the question about what is blogging, you have to understand that this is not limited to having your own website. It is the act of posting your thoughts online, may it be in the form of comments, notes or shout-outs at various social networking sites.For so long as you have voiced out what you have in mind and open your opinions to the public’s view, this can already called blogging.

The answer to the question, what is blogging, will vary depending on the purpose of creating the site. This can be launched by its owner for personal purposes only. This means that they only want a platform where they can post their thoughts.

This can also be created with the main purpose to earn. For the latter reason, the website’s owners will make sure that the site is going to be seen by more people so that it can get higher traffic. They will resort to various SEO or search engine optimization techniques to attain such, which is not really necessary if the site was created for personal purposes only.

Learning about How and What is Blogging

You can begin the learning process by signing up for a micro blogging site. At this kind of website, you can post your thoughts without the need to constantly update a page. The response is also quicker this way. You can interact with people who have same or opposite thoughts from you, and start exchanging ideas without posting a whole page article.

If you want this to be for a long-term deal, you have got to level up your steps and learn more about what is blogging. In this case, you have to put up your own website or sign up with sites that offer free blog page. With the latter, you can hone your skills in creating web pages without the need to stretch your mind on how to create templates and layout each page. Even though you have only signed up on free blog platforms, you can still earn from the venture by applying useful SEO techniques.

So what is blogging?

If the site is for personal use, you can post just about anything under the sun. It becomes different though when you have already aimed to earn from the site. You will need to attract higher traffic and this can be achieved if the content of the site will prove to be useful and interesting to your target audience.

The definition of what is blogging for people who own a physical business is different though. The website becomes their representation in the online world. This represents their brand, what they are and what they can offer.

Aside from informative posts, the website must contain details that are going to help in making more people aware of their products and services.

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